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民主救国阵线发表声明 支持伊朗人民的反独裁抗议示威

2018-01-04 20:00:49





Tang Baiqiao, Chairman of CDNSF, issues a statement to support the ongoing protest against dictatorship and corruption in Iran

In late December, 2017, a massive protest organized by the Iranian people who are in the fight against government corruption and dictatorship broke out in Iran. The Iranian people have demanded the government to step down. Despite the heavy government control over the social media and military suppressions, the Iranian people have taken to the streets and made their anger heard! The demonstrations have rapidly spread out throughout Iran. President Trump has expressed his support for the Iranian people through social media. The U.S. government also issued a statement condemning the actions that Iranian government has taken against the anti-government protestors. The courage and determination of the Iranian people to fight for freedom and democracy are greatly inspiring to the people around the world, especially to the Chinese people who are in pursuit of freedom and democracy.

History has proven that, whether for China or Iran, corruption and authoritarian governance will not only delay a country’s economic development but also damages a country’s social progress. In fact, these negative impacts are detrimental to people’s quality of living. Therefore, China Democratic National Salvation Front (one of the oppositional organizations that steers China toward freedom and democracy) firmly supports the Iranian people in this righteous fight against corruption and authoritarian regime. CDNSF urges the Iranian government to stop the crackdown on protesters immediately and step down to meet the Iranian people’s demands.

Tang Baiqiao

Chairman of China Democracy National Salvation Front

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